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June 18 2016

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About Us:
At Kansas City Garage Door Repairs, we realize that there are lots of garage door service companies in the Kansas City area to make a choice from. We appreciate the trust that the customers have placed in us for more than ten years and are hoping to make your choice much simpler by providing some reasons for picking us:

We may not necessarily offer the cheapest price out there, but the Quality you get more than makes up for any difference in cost. Using only quality products set up by our experienced and licensed techs, you can be sure your garage door is going to be installed properly the very first time, by experts in the field and supported by a business that’ll be around for the life of your product.

The Best Quality Parts available
Our technicians carefully examine all available distributors and units, then picks the ones that provide our customers with the best deal. Taking the time to find the most effective solutions ensures our customers will always receive a quality product. We search for parts that are the ideal fit for a specific need, and we would never use any product we wouldn’t be comfortable placing inside our own garages.

Our technicians are experts in their respective fields, each with decades or decades, of experience. We don’t use subcontractors for our garage door fixes, our techs are trained and licensed, as well as totally covered by insurance to protect you and your home. With skilled staff in every single department – Sales, Installation, Service – you can be sure you are in good hands.

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